Belleair Asset Management: Our Forward-Thinking Strategies Go Way Back

Today, Belleair Asset Management proudly operates as a family-owned investment advisory firm, serving individuals, families and company retirement plans throughout the Tampa Bay region and across the country. 

But our fondness for forward thinking strategies goes way back – to the modest discount brokerage firm our father founded in Largo in 1981. He named his firm Downstate Discount Brokerage, Inc., to embody his Southern Illinois roots and lifelong belief that every investor deserves a fair shake. 

In 2005, we established Belleair Asset Management, Inc. as an independent investment advisory firm, named after the community we call home. While Dad passed away in 2012, we think he’d be pleased with the directions we continue to take with our firm and our clients. His straightforward values remain ingrained in the fee-only, fiduciary relationship we now build with each and every client. 

In 2017 we reestablished Belleair Asset Management, LLC, and further strengthened our core services and proficiencies in 2018 by affiliating with the national BAM ALLIANCE. In so doing, we joined a family of more than 135 independent advisors who, like us, believe that doing what’s best and doing what’s right by our clients should be one and the same.

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