Investment Management


Your ability to build and preserve your personal wealth over time is drastically improved if you’ve got a clear, consistent strategy to guide the way. But how do you make that happen? We call what we do Evidence-DrivenTM investing, inspired in part by a little book we discovered several years ago: “The Investment Answer.”

Our goal is to help you and your family capture expected market returns, carefully manage the risks involved, and avoid any unnecessary costs that only detract from best-interest outcomes. To help with that, we:

  • Heed the peer-reviewed academic evidence on how markets are expected to deliver their long-term returns
  • Translate these academic insights into practical advice on how to invest toward your personal financial goals
  • Build and manage your portfolio accordingly, with select funds managed by like-minded professionals
  • Encourage you to embrace a long-term, “stay the course” perspective in the face of all the never-ending, nerve-bending news.
  • Aggressively minimize unnecessary expenses.

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