Fiduciary, Fee-Only and Family-owned

Beyond what we do, what makes us who we are? That’s where our greatest guiding principles come into play. We are:

  • Fiduciary first – We are a fiduciary to our clients – individuals, families and retirement plans alike. That means we’ll always advise you according to your highest financial interests, first and foremost.
  • Fee-only – Our transparent advisory fees are our sole source of income, with no complicated or conflicting compensation models standing between us and our clients’ best interests.
  • Family-owned – Following in the footsteps of our entrepreneurial father, Jim and Tina are a seasoned brother/sister team. Our family is here to serve yours.  
  • Proudly independent – To help us stay focused on our fiduciary client care, we are an independent advisory firm, with no need to answer to a bigger “boss” or their bottom line. 
  • Nationally connected – At the same time, as an independent member of the BAM ALLIANCE, we value our collaboration with colleagues across the country, bringing best-practice services and solutions home to our clients. 
  • Evidence-based – To enhance our clients’ investment experience, we and our strategic alliances heed peer-reviewed academic evidence to capture expected market returns while managing the costs and risks involved.